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Rules and Regulations


Member Responsibilities

Plaza South is a Condominium, and as such, Rules and Regulations for the common good are have been established to guard the safety, health, and life of individuals, to protect property, and to eliminate annoying nuisances that are contrary to standards of good conduct and often embarrassing to guests and residents promote standards of amicable conduct for residents and guests.

These rules are designed to make living in our condominium community pleasant harmonious and comfortable. In living together, all of us not only have certain rights, but we also have certain obligations to the our other condominium owners. We must remember that these restrictions we impose upon ourselves are for our mutual benefit, safety and comfort.

The Plaza South Condominium Association Inc. is not to be used as a motel or hotel, or for any other transient or commercial purpose. The Board of Directors has determined and requires that the intended use of a unit be limited to single family residence use. No illegal or unlawful use shall be made of any unit or of the Common Property or of the Limited Common Property, or any part thereof. All laws, zoning, ordinances, building codes, rules and regulations of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction of Plaza South Condominium shall be observed.

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