Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated March 2022

Listed below are the answers to questions most often asked by prospective buyers.

  1. Legal name of project is: Plaza South Association, Inc.
  2. The project is a Condominium with 336 units sold and closed; No single investor or entity owns more than 10% of the units in the project.
  3. The project was completed in 1970 and is not a legally phased project. The project cannot be expanded beyond its current size.
  4. The common amenities include: Pool, 2 Sun-decks, Billiards Room, Lounge, Beach and Security.
  5. There are no leased common areas/facilities.
  6. The unit owners have sole ownership in and the right to the use of the project facilities.
  7. Title to units is held in Fee Simple.
  8. The project does have a front check-in desk for all residents - owners or lessees.
  9. The Association does not allow weekly or monthly rentals/leases. Rental period is for a 3-month Minimum and one time per calendar year.
  10. Purchases/rentals/leases require Association approval.
  11. The voting control of the Board of Directors was turned over from the builder/developer in October, 1970.
  12. The assessment charges for all units are Quarterly.
  13. There is no reserve account for future repairs/replacement of the project.
  14. The number of unit owners more than 30 days delinquent in their payment of Quarterly Assessment is 18 as of February 17, 2022 but it is anticipated that funds will be collected from the owners.
  15. The project is self-managed with a General Manager on-premises.
  16. There is no commercial space in the project.
  17. The insurance company is: USI, Broker-Juan Cordoba 1-305-443-4886 100% replacement cost coverage for common structures; flood coverage provided.
  18. There are two signatures required to disburse funds from the Association’s capital and reserve accounts.